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About Us

Ezybonds Inc.

Ezybonds Inc. is the software developer and intellectual property owner of the Ezybonds Global Payment system together with all associated domain names and trade marks.

Ezybonds Inc has successfully developed an online account management and payment system enabling members to withdraw, deposit and transfer funds [via internet, SMS or security coded cash pins] to or from any Ezyaccount, credit card, debit card or bank account in real time.

The system is quick to integrate and simple to use. It is an inexpensive solution for those members wanting to implement a loyalty reward program [via an Ezyaccount or branded debit card] or simply paying or receiving funds to or from their customers, suppliers and employees.

Ezyaccount avoids expensive processing costs and eliminates merchant fees, credit card/bank account identification fraud and associated charge-backs.

Members' referral commissions, free Ezybonds cash dividends and loyalty reward programs are seamlessly integrated and electronically processed.

Memberships are free and an Ezyaccount takes less than two minutes to set up. At any time, members may elect to upgrade their memberships [for an administration charge] to participate in regular Ezybond cash dividends, reduce credit card & debit card transaction fees and earn loyalty reward points.

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