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What is an Ezyaffiliate?

  1. Individuals, corporations or government bodies who open up an Ezyaccount become "Ezybonds Members".
  2. All Ezybonds Members are entitled to earn general referral commissions as they are automatically registered as "Ezyaffiliates".
  3. Ezybonds Members (who are also merchants) must be registered as "Certified Members" before they can implement and generate revenues from the Ezybonds internet, ATM, POS & SMS/MMS processing systems.
  4. Only "Accredited Corporate Members" can recommend and approve Certified Members.
  5. Accredited Corporate Members are an exclusive group (less than 20 entities) which are contracted by Ezybonds for the global distribution of Ezybonds products.


  1. Only earn commissions by referring new members via their unique email/web site security codes.
  2. Ezyaffiliate commissions are only payable on internet transactions.
  3. Ezybonds Members who are not Certified, cannot generate additional fees or tariffs from Ezybonds internet, ATM, POS or SMS/MMS transactions.

Accredited Corporate Members (ACM's)

  1. ACM's are approved and authorized by Ezybonds Inc.
  2. Only ACM's can approve Certified Members.
  3. Certified Members are directly linked to the ACM's.
  4. ACM's receive commissions on all fees generated by the Certified Members use of Ezybonds Internet, ATM, POS & SMS/MMS systems.
  5. ACM's directly negotiate with Certified Members in order to secure their customer data bases.
  6. ACM's and Certified Members jointly agree on additional fees called "Tariffs" (if any), to be charged to customers of the Certified Members.
  7. The ACM's and Certified Members share the commissions and tariffs as agreed.
  8. An EzyAffiliate must negotiate a deal with ACM before any of their referrals can be upgraded to a Certified Member.
  9. ACM's control the entire upgrade process and distribution of all fees and tariffs.
  10. ACM's have a unique "protected list" program in order to pursue leads which over rides Ezyaffiliate referrals.
  11. All commissions are instantly paid and continue in perpetuity so long as the Certified Member continues transacting with Ezybonds.

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