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What is an Ezyaccount?

An Ezyaccount is an extremely secure and convenient way for you to send and receive money - instantly. It's inexpensive, it's free to join and it's easy!

Your Ezyaccount is also the gateway to a whole range of services and features.

With an Ezyaccount you can:

  • Instantly and securely send and receive payments online.
  • SMS your transactions using EzySMS.
  • Make bulk payments by uploading batch files.
  • Activate recurring payments.

Your Ezyaccount has a state-of-the-art identification and verification procedure called Ezyvalidation. This makes it a completely safe and secure way to transfer money.

With your Ezyaccount you can send money:

  • Person to person
  • Business to business
  • Customer to merchant

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