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What are Ezybonds?

Ezyaccount Members are exclusively rewarded with free Ezybond Dividend Rights in accordance with the Table below.

Upon registration as an Ezyaccount Member, the free Ezybond Dividend Rights will be eligible to participate in cash bonuses commencing immediately when announced by Ezybonds Inc.

Whilst Members are not obliged to operate their Ezyaccounts in order to qualify for participation in the cash bonuses, they will receive one additional free Ezybond Dividend Right for each and every US$1.00 held in their Ezyaccount for a qualifying period of not less than 30 days. These additional free Ezybond Dividend Rights shall remain eligible to participate in the cash bonuses until either the US$1.00 (or multiple thereof) is withdrawn from their Ezyaccount or their Membership lapses.

In summary, the number of free Ezybond Dividend Rights issued to Members is determined by their:

  • Membership level.
  • Ezyaccount cash balance.

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