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What is EzySMS?

EzySMS is a fast and secure way of transacting with your Ezyaccount, Cash Card or Cash PIN by simply texting a "transaction type" SMS message to:

+61 459 399 999 (Global SMS Number)

1-(858)-335-1951 (United States SMS Number)

0459 399 999 (Australian SMS Number)

Below is a list of transaction types together with their links for easy to follow instructions.

Function Transaction Type
0 Request Ezyaccount Balance
1 Ezyaccount to Ezyaccount Transfer
2 Ezyaccount to Email Address Transfer
3 Request Cash Card Balance
4 Bank Account To Ezyaccount Transfer
5 Ezyaccount to Cash Card Transfer
6 Ezyaccount to Bank Account Transfer
7 Cash Card to Ezyaccount Transfer
8 Cash Card to Cash Card Transfer
9 Reset Cash Card PIN
11 Ezyaccount Purchase of Cash PIN
12 Cash Card Purchase of Cash PIN
13 Request Cash PIN Balance
14 Cash PIN to Ezyaccount Transfer
15 Cash PIN to Cash Card Transfer
16 Cash PIN to Mobile Phone

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