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Ezyaccount Registration


All international customers (including Taiwan customers) must complete the registration form on this page.

Welcome to the registration page for your free Ezyaccount.

For international KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance please have the following documents ready for upload.

  • Document 1; the identity page (containing your photo and personal details) of your current passport.
  • Document 2; a document confirming your residential address (driver's licence, bank or card statement, utility bill or a signed letter on an official letterhead from a landlord, employer, bank officer etc.). A PO Box is not accepted.

Recommended image capture:

  • Scanner, smart phone or digital / web camera (minimum 8MP).
  • Scanned images should be over 300dpi and the file size less than 2.5 MB.
  • Images should be in colour, are to have clear edges and are not to be blurred.
  • JPG or PNG file format.
  • Take the image from directly overhead to give 90 degree angles to the document corners.

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blue Indicates required fields.

Membership Information

Membership Type spacer Standard  

Personal Information

Referred By spacer Ezybonds If not already filled in you can enter the Ezyaccount ID of the person who referred you here.
Company Name spacer Your company name if applicable. Max 100 characters.
Display Name dot The name you want displayed to other people in the system. Max 50 characters.
First Name dot Your first name. Max 30 characters.
Last Name dot Your surname. Max 30 characters.
Date of Birth dot    Day / Month / Year
Gender dot Your gender.

Location Information

Apartment / Floor spacer Your apartment / floor if applicable. Max 30 characters.
Building Number spacer Your building number if applicable. Max 30 characters.
House / Street Number dot Your house / street number. Max 30 characters.
Street Name dot Your street name. Max 30 characters.
City / Town / Locality dot The city, town or locality in which you live. Max 30 characters.
State / Province dot The state or province in which you live. Max 30 characters.
Zip / Postal Code dot Your zip or postal code. Max 20 characters.
Country dot Your country of residence.

Contact Information

Email Address dot Your contact email address. Max 100 characters.
Repeat Email dot Re-enter your contact email address.
Mobile Phone Number dot Your contact mobile phone number (+447167678989). Max 15 characters.
Repeat Mobile Phone dot Re-enter your contact mobile phone number.

Identity Information

Identification Type dot Passport Your identification type.
Identification Number dot  Your passport MRZ code. Max 60 characters.
Identification Country dot The Country your passport was issued in.
Document 1 dot Image of your passport.
Document 2 dot Image of document showing your residential address.

Account Information

Preferred Currency dot The currency your want your Ezyaccount to operate in.
Username dot Min 8 characters. Max 20 characters.
Password dot Min 8 characters. Max 20 characters.
Repeat Password dot Re-enter your password.
Security Question dot For added security, please enter a question only you know the answer to. Max 100 characters.
Security Answer dot The answer to your security question. Max 100 characters.
Click to indicate that you want to receive information about the benefits of Ezybonds.
Click here if you have read and agree to the User Access Agreement and Definitions.
This process may take a minute or two depending on the size of the files.