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Security Code Information

As part of Ezybonds ongoing commitment to online e-commerce security, Ezybonds has initiated an extra layer to our login process. This layer is evident on the log in page in the form of a "Security Code" field and numeric keypad. This system is designed to overcome the increasing problem of trojan key loggers and will offer more protection for our members and extra peace of mind when carrying out online financial transactions.

Key Loggers and Other Trojans
Key loggers are the latest threat to online security and identity fraud. They are small software applications that are spread over the internet in much the same way as viruses and operate invisibly in the background on the victims computer. Their main purpose is to log and record all keyboard activity of the user thus capturing sensitive information such as login names and passwords. The key logger also creates a way for another person to remotely gather this sensitive information from the victims computer and use it to commit fraudulent activity such as log in to online bank accounts etc.

Ezybonds Commitment to Members
Because of the nature of our business, Ezybonds feels obliged to inform our members of the possible threats and to do our utmost to reduce the risks these threats pose. To this end, Ezybonds highly recommends that members scan their computers regularly with reputable anti-virus software. Please also be aware that not all anti-virus software scans for trojans and spyware, so regular use of spyware detection software is also highly advised.

Ezybonds Login Security Code
Our Ezybonds log in page now has an extra "Security Code" field and a keypad for entering your security code into that field. You are not able to enter your security code directly into this field using your keyboard. You must use your mouse to enter the security code thus preventing key loggers from recording that code. However, some advanced key loggers are also able to record mouse clicks so to combat this we display the numbers on the keypad in a random order which changes every time the log in page is loaded. Ezybonds understands that having to remember and fill in an extra field is bothersome but, as this method offers unprecedented protection for you and your online identity, Ezybonds feels that the extra effort is well worth the trouble.

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